Safe travelling tips from The Wog With The Grog

It’s been a few months since Australia’s borders opened up… now we can catch a flight to a land far away.

After a whirlwind of lockdowns and restrictions… the thought of a plane taking off has never had us more excited.

It’s no surprise we have the travel bug… lucky for you we’ve compiled a list of travelling tips + how to do it safely after covid!

That way no matter where you go, you can experience the world again and still be safe.

Let’s cover the safety tips first:

  • Make sure it’s safe to go

No matter where your travel location is, take note of their restrictions. Although being stuck on a tropical vacay sounds great, it’s not ideal in the long run. Ensure you understand the protocols and risks of every place you visit. Find out what happens if you test positive for COVID-19 while overseas.

  • Pack accordingly

Mask, sanitiser, mask, sanitiser, another mask… Need we say more?

  • Keep your journey short and sweet

Although an extravagant plan is usually the way we like to go, a simple route is probably best in times like this. We say this because thanks to cough Covid, many things can get cancelled. When there’s not too many activities on your list, it’ll be much easier to reschedule.

  • Test! Test! Test!

Test days before your trip… we know this may be a bummer if the results come out positive after all that planning, but you rather keep yourself and everyone around you safe. It also means you’ve got something to look forward to in the future.

Of course, if you test negative and the trip is still on (yay), get a health check and organise your travel vaccinations.

  • Have travel documents ready

Ensure you arrange your travel insurance and documents ahead of time. Know what’s covered, have your declarations ready and organise your foreign currency if needed. There’s nothing worse than being stuck away from home due to COVID-19 and not being insured.

  • Home time

And finally, returning back to Australia!
From 12:01 am AEST on 6 July 2022, when travelling to Australia you no longer need to:

  • Complete a Digital Passenger Declaration or Maritime Passenger Declaration
  • Declare or provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination.

There you have it, a safe way to see the world… now, where to next?

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