In news just in, “Consumer needs are evolving at the point of purchase. An increasingly older wine drinking population are demanding more convenience and autonomy, while offering fewer trade up opportunities. Meanwhile, younger drinkers who are participating in the wine category are individually more valuable to wine, particularly in on-premise settings, and are open to climbing the value hierarchy if they can afford it. The shift towards premiumisation continues, displayed by a decline in the frequency of wine consumption, whilst the typical spend per bottle is increasing.”

Zzzz. BORING! Here is the REAL wine chat for those serious about dipping their toe/palate into the beautiful world of wine.

What are the best wines for the beginners?

My answer is simple – venturing into the world of wine for the first time can be a fun yet confusing experience, because most wine is an acquired taste. It takes time for a person to be able to fully appreciate the various flavours and fruit characters of wine.

Newcomers to this world should start slow, feeling out lighter wines first and gradually moving on to more complex and full-bodied wines.

There is no specific wine that every beginner would love. It usually involves a period of trial and error before one finds a wine that matches with his or her particular taste preferences. There are various factors that affect a person’s wine preference, some of which are mentioned below:

Taste: Essentially, wine is simply fermented grape juice. The taste and flavour profile of a wine depends on the variety(s) of grapes used to manufacture it. Red wines usually contain dark fruit, leather and tobacco characters while white wines tend to depict apple, pear and toasty notes.

Body: The body, or viscosity of a wine is a key factor in the making of a wine. It basically refers to how light or heavy the wine feels.

Aroma: Newcomers to wine might completely ignore this factor at first. But as one probes deeper, the truth of the matter is that different fragrances and aromas definitely enhance the pleasure of wine-drinking.

Sweetness: Wines can broadly be categorised into two: dry or sweet. Most wine beginners tend to like wines that lean towards the sweeter side, rather than wines that feel dry and acidic.

During this stressful time of isolation we have come up with a box which will please beginners and seasoned wine aficionados.


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