The Wog With The Grog + Adriana Fernandez Styling

What good fortune to be introduced to Adriana Fernandez, the Sydney fashion stylist with years of experience.
She hails from Wollongong, and most recently has worked as a stylist for Westfield Sydney and Westfield Miranda, as well as the Sydney Park Hyatt, as well as having styled for Sally Obermeder, and alongside Katy Perry‘s fashion stylist Johnny Wujek.
I love this quote about style:
“Style is more character than clothes, more attitude than affluence. It’s you making visible your inner self. So forget what you learned about appearance not counting ; you can no longer afford to be without style.” – Hara Estroff Morano.
I was looking at being styled for an event at Porsche Sydney South… a black tie affair, with an A-list crowd. And along came Adriana.
Described on her site as a “Sydney based Personal Styling and Image Consultant with over 20 years experience in womens’ and mens’ fashion”, with her services including personal styling, corporate styling, wardrobe assessments and group styling”, Adriana came through with a visit to Tramps The Store menswear store in Wollongong, with a black tie suit, as well as some other pieces for upcoming events, as you can see from our styling session:

robert dessanti and adriana fernandez

The tux:

robert dessanti tramps the store suit

And the result on the night:

robert cropped porsche

black tie robert dessanti

My wrap up of the experience:

Having a stylist is something which has become accessible; hiring a stylist is not something reserved just for celebrities. It’s for people like you and I who want a little help when it comes to pulling a look together. I don’t consider myself a slouch in the style stakes. But who doesn’t like to have a professional’s option, and expert eye cast over you and advised on what looks good on you? It’s quite an experience, and one that I’d highly recommend if you’d like to feel special and confident at an event.

In the case of Adriana, whether she is dressing someone for a special occasion, is corporate consulting for a client, or creating an individual look that is personalised for each person who has entrusted her in being styled, her goal is to provide a sense of confidence and pride that will not have you noticed.

And this is what I got from my experience of being styled.

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