Ferrari Formalwear: Tux For Hire

Black tie events need not be a quandary – for men, at least.

Okay, so it’s more of a production… for women. You know it is.

But even for men, it can be a challenge. Usually because men are prone to leave fashion decisions to the last minute, or can be non committal, even a bit nonchalant about what they will wear to a big event.

Okay, these are generalisations galore here, but at the end of the day, one thing is certain: all men want to look good at an event.

When I was invited to come enjoy the Tour De Cure ball as a guest, as a thank you for Euro Concepts / The Wog With The Grog sponsoring the cocktail bar at the huge event (attended by close to 1000 people, at The Star’s ballroom),  I was perplexed about where to go to be fitted for my black tie tuxedo.

Turns out there is truly not much (read: near none) by way of options for men wanting to loan a smart suit for the night, without the commitment of spending big bucks on top notch threads.

Enter Ferrari Formalwear and Bridal – it’s THE place to go for men’s suits, for any occasion.

They kitted me out in the suit I wanted – and they can do the same for you, right down to shirt, shoes, even belt. Yep, it’s true. Guys, don’t overthink it – head there (there are store locations around the country) – and your job is done.

You can either hire it – as I did – or buy the suit.

To HIRE a suit, click on this link.

To BUY a suit, click on this link.

Here is my version of being styled up for the Tour De Cure. It’s the first of many events I’ll be suited up for by the kind folks at Ferrari Formal Wear. I chose the Cannes Slim Fit Dinner Suit. See link here.

rob and sunrise crew tour de cure
Matt Doran, Sam Mac, Justine Schofield, Robert Dessanti, James Tobin: enjoying the ‘Double Barrel Beretta cocktail, created by Mark Beretta for The Wog With The Grog Nardini Cocktail Mixing Challenge earlier this year, and perfected for the Tour De Cure ball
mark beretta and rob
Mark Beretta and Robert Dessanti at the Tour De Cure ball

It’s a Daniel Hector label, black pure wool two button slim fit suit, with satin trim lapel, pictured with white spread collar shirt, matching Cannes vest, black satin slim long tie and white satin handkerchief.

The Calais suit from Ferrari Formalwear

To read more, hire, buy or browse, go right HERE.

To read more about Ferrari Formal, go HERE.

Here is a snapshot, from their site. What a story with lots of heart and full of good business inspo:

From humble beginnings in Ormond, Melbourne, with a stock of five dinner suits bought with money borrowed from his Aunt, Brian Ferrari could never have envisaged that his fledging business would one day be a part of so many families’ special occasions. Ferrari Formalwear, still owned and operated by the Ferrari Family, has reliably delivered quality formalwear and service for forty years to over 1 MILLION customers in South Australia, Western Australia and Victoria.

The knowledge gained form being at the forefront of formalwear fashion in Australia for so long has enabled Ferrari Formalwear to be the market leader in terms of choice, quality, fit and value. Our experience and research into garment technology, assembly, and finishing, guarantees the best possible product for your special occasion, and with our extensive work with designers world wide we have developed the most stunning range of formalwear available in Australia.

Not all formalwear companies are the same …

From the smallest page boy to the largest gentlemen, we have fitted them all, and from that experience we have learned and passed on that knowledge to our team members. Our small but highly specialised management group boasts collective formalwear management experience in excess of 193 years, and all have attended seminars by leading local and international consultants to enhance their already vast knowledge of the industry. However, this is where it starts; our continuous education program ensures that all members of the Ferrari team are apprised of all developments within the industry from the latest fashions, fabrics and accessories to garment handling and fitting techniques. From the top down, there is no issue too large and no detail too small that is not within our sphere of excellence.

“An investment in people and the community is what makes a company strong.”
Brian Ferrari, Chairman

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