The Wog With The Grog Goes to Melbourne: Blogger Event

The Wog With The Grog is a Melbourne regular, and this time we ventured back from the Sydney border to host a special event for our fave new Melbourne bloggers.

We really don’t need an excuse to go to Melbourne – everyone knows it’s Euro-living at its finest – and seeing as our company name is Euro Concepts, and we primarily do business in Sydney and Melbourne, it’s a no brainer to hop on a flight to go there. Oh yeah, and eat LOTS OF ITALIAN SWEETS. Sorry, not sorry.

This trip was multifaceted. One, to intro Melbourne bloggers and writers to the brand new Diferente non alcoholic beverage range, imported exclusively by The Wog With The Grog/Euro Concepts. It’s a luxe new brand, perfect for teetotallers, designated drivers, lovers of a good quality mocktail, even expectant mums who love the sensation of a drink, but want to abstain from alcohol.

Our publicist keeps raving about the aesthetics of the cuvée bottle – she says it’s a ‘duck egg Tiffany blue’ hue. We believe her – we KNOW what that little box of heaven looks like.

Here is a bottle shot of said product:

cuvee tuscan bar light

Pretty, yes? The range also includes the Genever Dry Blend (a gin-like non alcohol drink), and the Crystal Clear Alpha Spirit (an alcohol free vodka), and it went down a treat for those not intending to get into the harder stuff served up on the evening.

Nardini Grappa – now that, you could definitely say it’s deemed a ‘harder’ drink.

We enjoyed re-introducing this brand to our guests… or having them be surprised by the taste for the very first time.

Think grappa, and think Nonno’s rocket fuel, right?

Not the case with Nardini, obv.

This is classy stuff, folks. We are talking centuries’ long heritage. Like, since 1779 ‘old’.

As such, the grappa from the oldest grappa distillery in Italy is as smooth and wildly delicious as you imagine. No, better.

Arguably, the star Nardini product is the Acqua Di Cedro – and it had instant fans amongst the alcohol aficionado crowd. You can buy that product – exclusively imported by us, as is the whole Nardini Grappa range – RIGHT HERE. Go shopping on the whole range RIGHT HERE.

And see it here:

grappa nardini tuscan bar.jpg

We had Dean from BarD Up, Nilu from Sydney Food Lover (now in Melbourne), Sandi from Onya magazine, and so many fabulous Melbourne people. These Mlebs people are classy AF, you guys.

We also served lots of Prosecco, like the Il Colle Prosecco, which was a hit. Melb peeps like their bubbles. Here is that popular prod:

il colle prosecco dry

Throughout the night, yours truly created cocktails for our guests: espresso martinis, and so much more. You kinda had to be there.

The event took place at the very central Tuscan Bar on Bourke Street, with Arancini Art arancini balls served up, and after the event ended, a new slew of fabulous people who were equally passionate about their booze in a classy way filed in, and stayed for a masterclass conducted by Euro Concepts/The Wog With The Grog and Drop Cellars.

Okay, so these were people serious about their drop – we had the wine education, we had the info sheets, we had the order forms for those who wanted to restock their home bar. But they also got amongst it when asked to create a cocktail, or go to head to head with each others’ cocktail creations.

Here is a video round up of the night: CLICK HERE.

See the long version HERE.

So, all in all the night was a success. We know we will be back – in fact, we are heading to the Good Food & Wine Show at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, from June 3-5. Click HERE for more info.

See you soon again, Melbourne!

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