Kylie Jenner Euro Concepts Revlon Sinful Colors EVENT

This week was a highlight on the Euro Concepts calendar: the Australian launch of the Kylie Jenner Sinful Colors nail lacquers, from global beauty giant Revlon.

Wait, this is the blog page of ‘The Wog With The Grog‘… what is Euro Concepts?

Well, while we have been having lots of fun with ‘The Wog With The Grog’ persona for the past few years, big brother ‘Euro Concepts’ has been quietly doing its work, selling the very best wines in Australia to high end restaurants, bringing the most premium of spirits to the country, and introducing new products like the just landed non alcoholic Diferente.

It’s the latter which was front and centre at the Kylie Jenner launch – the Diferente Crystal Clear Alpha Spirit (cuvee-style drink) was the base ingredient for the exclusively created ‘The Kylie’ cocktail – a hugely popular non alcoholic dream. SO very popular.

We also created the ‘Sinful Experience’, an alcohol based cocktail, with Nardini Tagliatella and Nardini Riserva as the key ingredients, as well as the Il Colle Prosecco – all exclusive to us. Gold leaf flakes, lime and chill, plus sugar syrup made these equally popular on the night.

And then: the Aussie Gooree Park wines – red and white – to complement it all nicely.

The Australian artist Scott – who created the ‘Kanye Kissing Kanye’ artwork – was commissioned to create an incredible Kylie Jenner modern masterpiece. Several hours in – he was done.

But we weren’t, all night. We were probably the last to leave, but that was likely to be to ensure that each cocktail was perfect.

Delicious food was served up, a nail bar was happening, and… a live cross to Kylie herself.

Here is our very fab video wrap up of from the night:


Here are some of the stars of the show that night:





A34K5831Imogen Anthony


The twins, on the decks


With Domenica Calarco




All in all, a brilliant night for beauty/Kylie Jenner/drinks aficionados.

Call us now on 1300 10 40 60 to order up these ingredients for your next cocktail party – or Kylie Jenner mani party, perhaps?


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