EVENTS: The Wog With The Grog Majolini Media Lunch at Ormeggio

What: TWWTG Majolini Media Lunch 
Venue: Ormeggio, The Spit, NSW


The Wog With The Grog hosted a lunch at the renowned hatted Sydney restaurant Ormeggio At The Spit last week, to celebrate the arrival of Simone Maiolini from the Majolini wine brand from the Northern Italian region of Lombardia.

The exquisite lunch – by Ormeggio’s Alessandro Pavoni and head chef Victor Moya – was enjoyed by our special guests: food and wine media, keen to meet the maker Simone, and The Wog With The Grog’s Roberto Dessanti, as well as enjoy the legendary food at Ormeggio.

Of course, the lunch also showcased the impeccable wines from the family-owned and run Majolini vineyard in the famous Franciacorta region, including the just-launched ‘M Series‘ from the brand.

dessert ormeggio 2.jpg
The multi-course meal was exceptional – the photos below speak for themselves. Don’t blame us if you’re salivating! Get yourself to Ormeggio stat, and make sure you sample all the wines from the Majolini range.
Franciacorta is both the region where the wines originate from and the term used for the method – Italy’s word for France’s ‘champagne’.
Millions of Franciacorta devotees will attest – drinking Italy’s liquid gold is quite the experience. Immerse yourself!
To buy direct from The Wog With The Grog – the consumer arm of wholesale wine and spirits merchant Euro Concepts – just click here or call 1300 104 060 or see their exclusive selection at Dan Murphy’s (online only).

Enjoy some special Ormeggio lunch photos below – to see the rest, go to the Instagram page of The Wog With The Grog and follow us! Click right here and follow.

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