VIDEO: Nonna Paola Says Thanks To The Wog With The Grog

Nonna Paola is the very funny, completely unique Italo-Australian viral sensation taking over the internet right now.

The thing is, Nonna Paola IS unique, but because so many people can relate to her, she feels incredibly familiar to us all, whether we have a Nonna like her, or not. Whether we’re Italian, Australian, or another nationality.

Here, she gives The Wog With The Grog founder Robert Dessanti a big shout out, to thank Rob sending across some exceptional wines for her and her son Greg (he’s the man behind the camera, recording his mother for all the world to see) to enjoy. It was a pleasure, and drinking them with castagne (chestnuts) – even better!

Best bit: Nonna Paola attempting to say ‘The Wog With The Grog’, but saying “The Wog With The Frog”. We love you, Nonna. Hope you enjoyed the drop, many times over!

Here is the video:

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