PRODUCT NEWS: Majolini sparkling wine, exclusive to us!

The Wog With The Grog is the sole importer of an Italian gem of a sparkling wine brand ‘Majolini‘.

Wine and food editors will have the rare opportunity to sample specially selected world class sparkling wines from the Majolini brand, the distinguished wine company which hails from the northern Italian region of Franciacorta, Lombardia, when the owner Simone Maiolini comes to Australia for the first time, to celebrate the launch of the new ‘M Series’ Majolini sparkling wine.

The event will be northern Italian food and wine heaven, as delicious food will match Majolini sparkling wines, prepared by Alessandro Pavoni and his team at the famed hatted restaurant Ormeggio at The Spit.

Here are the beautiful headquarters of the Majolini vineyards in Italy:


Alessandro’s restaurant is the only one in Australia that serves this magical drop, and Roberto is the sole importer of the brand, with more excitement now gathering around the new addition to the Majolini range, the ‘M Series.’

The ancestry of the brand can be traced back to when the family arrived in the Italian region of Ome in the fifteenth century, and their passion for viticulture was born almost immediately. The name ‘Majolini’ was borne from the Maiolini surname and a local grape variety called the ‘majolina’, and the legend of the brand was created.

Since 1981, the brand’s goal has been to expand their vineyard’s potential, to protect and increase the extent of the vineyard, and to optimise their winemaking procedures while respecting the tradition of the art.

The north-eastern area of the Franciacorta region where Majolini hails from is made up of layers of pure white limestone (known as ‘medolo’), giving minerals and structure to the wines produced there. Of uppermost importance is that Majolini wines are created with skillful care and always respecting the land and its traditions.

The hashtags for the day are will be #Majolini #EuroConcepts #TheWogWithTheGrog #Ormeggio #LombardiaWineAndFood so stay tuned for the social media conversation in coming weeks.


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