Irish Whiskey With The Wog With The Grog

Today I’ll be taking a little trip, and crossing the waters to talk about Irish Whiskey. I can almost hear you say “But Irish Whiskey isn’t Italian?” and you’re not wrong, but these nations are more alike than you’d think. Both Italy and Ireland are nations of honest and hospitable people, and a cultural identity with reverence for a good drink. And if my words aren’t enough to convince you, one sip of their national drink and your tastebuds will tell you the truth.

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Did you know there are actually four types of Irish whiskey, each with their own unique flavour profile?

1. Single Grain Whiskey

Single grain whiskey is made from a mixture of grains, including corn, wheat, and barley. But, it must contain at least 30% malted barley. Single grain whiskey is distilled in a column still, which results in a lighter and more neutral flavour than other types of Irish whiskey. It is often blended with other whiskeys to create a smoother, more complex taste.

Tasting Notes: Expect a light and delicate aroma, with notes of vanilla, caramel, and fruit. On the palate, single grain whiskey is smooth and easy-drinking, with a slightly sweet finish.

Pairing Suggestions: Single grain whiskey pairs well with light and citrusy desserts, such as lemon tart or panna cotta. It also complements seafood and light pasta dishes.

2. Single Malt Whiskey

Single malt whiskey is made from 100% malted barley and is distilled in a pot still. This results in a more complex flavour profile than single grain whiskey, with more depth and character. Single malt whiskey is often aged in oak barrels, which adds additional layers of complexity and flavour.

Tasting Notes: Expect a rich, complex aroma with notes of malt, vanilla, and spice. On the palate, single malt whiskey is full-bodied and flavourful, with a slightly smoky finish.

Pairing Suggestions: Single malt whiskey pairs well with rich and hearty dishes, such as roasted meats, stews, and chocolate desserts.

3. Single Pot Still Whiskey

Single pot still whiskey is unique to Ireland and is made from a mixture of malted and unmalted barley, which is distilled in a pot still. This results in a distinctively spicy and robust flavour profile that is often compared to rye whiskey.

Tasting Notes: Expect a spicy and full-bodied aroma, with notes of fruit, vanilla, and oak. On the palate, single pot still whiskey is bold and flavourful, with a long and satisfying finish.

Pairing Suggestions: Single pot still whiskey pairs well with bold and spicy foods, such as barbecue ribs, and strong cheeses.

4. Blended Whiskey

Blended whiskey is a combination of two or more of the above types of Irish whiskey. It is the most popular type of Irish whiskey and accounts for 90% of all sales.

Tasting Notes: The flavour profile of blended whiskey can vary widely, depending on the specific blend. Generally, blended whiskey is smooth and easy-drinking, with a balanced flavour profile that is appealing to a wide range of tastes.

Pairing Suggestions: Blended whiskey pairs well with a variety of foods, from light salads to hearty stews.

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And there you have it, a very brief exploration of Irish whiskey. This fine spirit is not nearly appreciated enough, and as a true devotee to the art of alcohol, it would be remiss of me to not bring your attention to this smooth sip of liquid gold.


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