Cocktails With The Wog With The Grog

Raise a glass

Some of my favourite cocktail recipes

Cocktails are a great way to kick back, relax, and celebrate life’s little moments, and this week I think I’ll explore some of favourites. Whether you’re hosting a party or enjoying a quiet night in, these recipes are sure to impress.

  1. Classic Margarita: This classic cocktail is a favourite for a reason. It’s simple, refreshing, and perfect for any occasion. To make a Margarita, just mix 2 oz. of tequila, 1 oz. of lime juice, and 1 oz. of orange liqueur in a shaker with ice. Shake well and strain into a glass with a salted rim. Garnish with a lime wedge.
  2. Aperol Spritz: This is a deliciously simple cocktail that will leave you with a glass that tastes like an Italian summer. Just fill a wine glass with ice, then add 2 oz. Aperol, 3 oz. of a dry Prosecco and finally 1 oz. of club soda. Garnish with a slice of orange for a bit of zest.
  3. Negroni: This classic Italian cocktail is a favourite for those who want something a little bitter. To make a Negroni, mix 1 oz. of gin, 1 oz. of sweet vermouth, and 1 oz. of Campari in a shaker with ice. Shake well and strain into a glass over ice. Garnish with an orange twist.
  4. Sgroppino: Part dessert, part cocktail, this delightful combination hails from Venice and makes the ultimate refresher. Simply add 2 oz of chilled Prosecco, ½ oz. of vodka, and a scoop of lemon sorbet, into a chilled bowl. Whip until velvety and pour into a wine glass.
  5. Italian Paloma: This play on a traditional cocktail is perfect for warm summer days or lazy afternoons. To make, mix 1 ½ oz. of tequila, ¾ of Campari, ½ oz. of grapefruit juice, ½ oz. of lime juice and ½ oz of lemon juice, in a shaker with ice. Shake well and strain into a glass over ice. Top with 2 oz. of orange soda and garnish with a twist of grapefruit and a pinch of salt.
  6. Espresso Nardini: This energising cocktail is perfect for those who love coffee and cocktails, and want to try something a little different. To make an Espresso Nardini, mix 1 oz. of Nardini Grappa Bianca, 1 oz. of coffee liqueur, and a shot of espresso in a shaker with ice. Shake well and strain into a chilled glass. Garnish with coffee beans.

These cocktail recipes are just a starting point. Experiment with different ingredients and flavours to create your own signature cocktails.

Should you run out of ingredients, or want to try something new, I have a huge range of alcohol and liqueurs that you can experiment with. Or you could simply buy them ready made, with from my range of Signature Cocktails.

Cheers to good times and great drinks!

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