TOP WINE PICKS: Discover Damilano

Today, our focus is on the Damilano wine range.

Damilano is one of few traditional, heritage rich, centuries-old Barolo wine makers.

In fact, the Damilano family has been active since 1890 when Giuseppe Borgogno, the great-grandfather of the current owners, started farming and making wine from the family-owned vineyard in Barolo (Cuneo), in the Langhe area that the wine was named after. It’s a beautiful and generous land that has been the heart of producing the “king of wines” for centuries.

It wasn’t until the following generation that Giacomo Damilano, the founder’s son-in-law, gave the winery its current name. It was he who was the catalyst to preserve the vines and apply constant innovation in the quality of the winemaking process, ensuring the winery has become a “jewel” to proudly pass on to his nephews, who have managed the company since 1997.

Guido, Mario, and Paolo Damilano have given new life to the family company, particularly giving value to the prized grape of the Langhe – the Nebbiolo – and specific terroirs, the Cannubi above all.

I’ve created a list of the Damilano wines that are available for purchase at

Euro Concepts Sydney.

Langhe DOC Nebbiolo Marghe

A delicate and unique fragrance with notes of violet and red fruit, and finally a balanced tannic taste and a velvety, harmonic body.

Alcohol 14% vol
Grapes: Nebbiolo

Barbera d’Alba DOC Lablù

An ample and complex scent, with fruit notes of blackberry and cherry, as well as spice notes of cinnamon, vanilla, and green pepper, with a full body and a pleasant freshness and salinity.

Alcohol 14.5% vol
Grapes: Barbera

Barolo DOCG Cannubi

Striking ruby red colour with hints of maroon and orange reflections, and an ample, enveloping scent, with clear fruit notes of cherry and plum, and herbal notes of tobacco, liquorice, and cocoa.

Alcohol: 14.5% vol
Grapes: Nebbiolo

Barolo DOCG Liste

Expressive notes of wild berries, liquorice, tobacco, and cocoa. On the palate, it is dry, full-bodied, has a persistent flavour, and is austere and velvety.

Alcohol: 14.5% vol
Grapes: Nebbiolo

Indulge in a great glass of Damilano wine.

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