The Wog With The Grog’s guide to skincare

Men should always explore skincare… trust The Wog With The Grog.

Investing your money and time into skincare will alternate your life completely!

It’s one of the greatest things you can do for yourself… and no, it’s not just for women.

You’ll be thanking yourself (and me) later. 

Let’s dive into The Wog With The Grog’s guide to skincare:

  1. Know your skin type:

Dry, oily, sensitive, combination or normal? What category do you fall under? Figure this out and come back to this guide. If you don’t know what kind of skin you have, use this as a reference below:

  • Oily skin – oily and shiny
  • Normal skin – minimal oil, flakiness, discolouration, or none at all
  • Dry skin – flaky and tight
  • Sensitive skin – red, inflamed or itchy
  • Combination skin – shine in the T-zone only 
  1. Choose suitable products:

It doesn’t have to be the most expensive or celebrity owned brand… the best products are the ones with active ingredients. Every ingredient is used to combat a particular skin problem and of course the effectiveness depends on your own skin and the amount, quality and formula used in the product. Active ingredients include vitamin C, vitamin E, green tea, SPF and niacinamide which can protect and brighten your skin. There’s also retinol which can help with skin texture, acne, and wrinkles. Trial and error some products and you’ll be well on your way to some Wog With The Grog skin.

  1. Be aware of any skin conditions:

Ensure you are aware of any skin conditions you may have. Visit a professional dermatologist or look back on what reacts well with your skin and what did not. 

  1. Create your routine:

A routine is a routine, we don’t have the time in our day to do a 20 step skincare routine and honestly… more than 10 steps is very unnecessary and could actually be doing your skin more harm than good. 

Some people have different products and extra steps but for a quick and effective routine, it should include:

A gentle cleanser. This should be done twice daily. I recommend –

Clarins Velvet Cleansing Milk – $46

An exfoliator. This should be done twice weekly. I recommend –

Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant – $42

A toner. This should be used twice daily. I recommend –

Paula’s Choice Skin Balancing Pore-Reducing Toner – $30

A serum. This should be used twice daily. I recommend –

The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% – $10.60

A moisturiser with SPF. This should be used day and night. I recommend –

Cetaphil UVA/UVB Defence SPF 50+ – $16.39

Men have just as many concerns about their skin as women do, and it’s important for everyone to take care of themselves. It’ll make you look and feel your best, and who wouldn’t want that?
Stay glowing with The Wog With The Grog.

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