Your next travel plan by The Wog With The Grog

We’re dreaming of a tropical vacation, the sun beaming, a beautiful breeze by the water and the smell of sunscreen.

Maybe you want a cosy trip by the fire pit, roasting marshmallows, and a warm cup of hot chocolate in your hands while the snow falls.

Island life or cabin life, The Wog With The Grog can provide a well equipped plan to give you the best vacay possible.

Now let’s get into the fun! 

Here is The Wog With The Grogs’s travel guide:

Step 1: Pack correct clothing

Now I don’t mean the obvious… When I say pack correct clothing, I mean be smart about the amount and what it is you exactly need.

No one likes an overpacker, but for certain destinations you may need to. Take for instance, a visit to the snow, you should have a stack of socks packed away in case your good pair gets drenched. 

Step 2: Don’t rely on a budget

Budgets never go to plan… we may get a little excited on a trip and feel we have to purchase everything or we may run into some chaos where we have to replace stolen/broken items.

It’s also a time to have fun and indulge. A vacation means you get to sweep all your problems under the rug and create memories!

Step 3: Be realistic 

Having a strict plan or high expectations could disappoint you. Not everything goes to plan and you never know what you could encounter. Do it The Wog With The Grog way and take it one step at a time and just enjoy it. No pressure, no expectations. 

Step 4: Getaway excitement

Blogs and information all about your trip is what will get you excited! It’s probably exactly what you are doing now reading this.

Look at travel guides, reviews, and Youtube videos informing you of different places to visit or what to try. You could discover places or activities you had no idea about. Not only will this information excite you, but it can teach you and inform you of things you may not know about your destination. 

Step 4: Capture!

Capture your breakfast, capture your trip to the museum, capture the glass of wine, even capture the fancy carpet in your hotel room. Stay present and enjoy the moment you’re living in, but a pic or two will give you an extension of memories that you can show all your loved ones back home.

Step 5: Meet the locals

A place isn’t a place without its people. There are so many intriguing people linked to different places with stories and history. Getting to know the locals will have you more connected to the destination, with many new friends made and a list of stories to tell people back home. Ask them how long the buildings have been there, ask them what’s the etiquette in their city, ask them the best place for coffee. The more you talk, the more you learn – definitely a credo The Wog With The Grog sticks by. 

A list always gets me excited for my next trip and helps keep everything in check. So if you’re planning a holiday… do it The Wog With The Grog way!

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