The Luggage Professionals: The Wog With The Grog Suitcases of Choice

The Wog With The Grog has caught the travel bug… and our credo is: have good luggage, will travel.

We recently came back from a whirlwind – but very packed to here! – trip to Italy and Germany, and we proudly had some brand new luggage in tow.

The Wog With The Grog was kitted out with an American Tourister suitcase, and it withstood the renowned tactics used by baggage handlers (c’mon, you know what they do with your bags…) and it came out on top of the pile.

We happened upon The Luggage Professionals when looking for some sturdy new travel bags, at a good price, and we followed our nose to the Sydney (Crows Nest based) store.

What we found was a plethora of luggage of virtually every brand, and we were thrilled when we were given an American Tourister to trial. We chose the American Tourister Curio Large 80cm Expandable Suitcase:

Here is direct link to buy it.

And here it is (the black one – the white one is for our fellow travel companion) on @thewogwiththegrog Instagram page:


Follow them on Instagram here:

The Luggage Professionals are located in Sydney’s Crows Nest, and in Malvern in Melbourne. You can buy their wares right here:

They will also be any advertised price from competitors by 5%.

And you can follow their blog page here:

Here is another TWWTG Instagram post:


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