Prosecco Popsicles and more: coming to Australia

POPS, which launched in the UK in 2014, with a slew of celeb fabs including hardcore foodie Gordon Ramsay and model Kate Moss, is coming to Australia in December.

Yes, the world’s first champagne popsicle is coming to Oz!

All four flavours of POPS will be available in Australia in mere weeks, including the ‘classic’ Champagne, the ‘Bellini’ made with Prosecco (YESSS!) and peach, the ‘Peach Schnapps’, and the ‘Blood orange’ juice variety with hibiscus flowers.

And: all varieties are gluten free.

Where can you get ’em?

The POPS range will be available at outdoor events and festivals, and at some pop-up locations.

For more on POPS, go here.

And, watch:





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