Andrea Pirlo’s Nike wine themed football boots: for sale

Nike has released new football boots in honour of Italian playmaker Andrea Pirlo, inspired by wine and… including a cork lining!

Yes, it’s true.

Here is Andrea with his new boots:


And a close up of the boots (photo credits: Nike)


Pretty sexy, right?

Nike launched its ‘Tiempo Pirlo’ boots this month in what it described as a Merlot colour.

Nike expressed that they wanted to pay tribute to Andrea Pirlo’s long history with winemaking.

Pirlo’s stats are impressive: he has been one of Italy’s most outstanding players over the last ten years. He won the FIFA World Cup with the national team in Germany in 2006, and he has won several other trophies with club teams.

‘The boot’s upper features premium Alegria leather in a Merlot colorway inspired by the juice of the grape,’ said Nike.

Now, about that cork lining. The boots also feature a ‘genuine cork sockliner’, Nike said.

They added: ‘Pirlo’s history with wine goes back to his childhood in Flero, where he spent a lot of time harvesting grapes at local vineyards.

‘His passion for fine wine led Pirlo and his family to open a winery called Pratum Coller.’

Pirlo opened the estate in 2007, which is near the town of Flero in Brescia, northern Italy. He grows Merlot among several other grape varieties.

The Nike Tiempo Pirlo boots are  available as a limited edition from 19 September.

And now Pirlo kicking a ball in the kitchen, just because:


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