Marathon du Medoc: running with wine

Fancy yourself a serious wine drinker, but not much of a runner?

Guess what – there’s a marathon just for you!

It’s the only one where you can legit drink AND exercise.

It’s called the Marathon du Medoc near Bordeaux in France, where 8500 runners from 71 countries can swill on wine along the 26.2 mile route.

Much like Sydney’s City To Surf, participants dress in carnival-style gear, and they can freely enjoy totally authorised day drinking, as they are served gourmet food (oysters, and more!) and ice cream en route to the finish line.

Here’s a video to show what it’s all about:

“This year for the first time we’re laying on a breakfast, with viennoiseries, at the third kilometer,” a race spokesman told

“After that they set off again on the normal route – with tastings on the way – and then at the 37th kilometer there’s a meal with oysters, entrecote steaks, cheese and ice cream and then there’s a little surprise at the 41st kilometer. I can’t say what it will be, but it’s edible.”

The runners have six and a half hours to complete the race, and entertainment is provided along the way and a huge ball at the end – along with a fireworks display. Why, of course!

“There’s music from classical to rock or reggae being put on at the châteaux, to help people finish their marathon without thinking of the pain too much,” the spokesman said.

“On top of that we are putting in place massage stations in the last 10 kilometers so those who are suffering the most can be massaged if they have cramps or anything. That helps them to recuperate well and set off again for the final leg.”

“If you drink in moderation, you finish your race with no problem.”


We agree!

Some pics from the event:





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