Ferrari Formalwear: Hire or buy, you decide

Do you dread knowing what to wear to black tie events? I know I do. The thought of having to find a different suit to wear to the last event can be a bit painful and certainly time consuming.

Yes, I know for women it means hair, makeup, shoes, gowns and nails… but for men, it can be difficult too!

When I was asked to run the charity bar again for the Starlight Foundation’s annual Starball in Sydney, I knew I had to again choose another striking outfit. Not only was I running the espresso martini bar, I was also taking part in the live auction along with my good friend Hoda Kobeissi from MasterChef 2018.

There was only one suit brand I knew would fit the bill for ease and choice and that was Ferrari Formalwear and Bridal.

Why Ferrari Formalwear?

For previous black tie events, I’d hired Ferrari Formalwear suits and I can only sing the praises about the brand – not about the quality of their suiting.. their service is also highly commended.

If you have never had the full Ferrari Formalwear experience, you definitely should! They have suits for almost ANY occasion.

When I visited the Parramatta Ferrari Formalwear and Bridal store this year, I felt like I wanted to branch out and wear something different – not don just a plain black suit I would usually wear. So I went navy blue! The staff helped me with all the elements – with everything from the shirt, vest, tie, even shoes, and they can do the same for you.

I know for most guys, myself included, when it comes to shopping, we don’t like spending all day looking for an outfit for one occasion – it can be time consuming! Ferrari Formalwear and Bridal is a one-stop shop so you can buy/hire the whole outfit in the one go, rather than walking from shop to shop, buying bits and pieces to complete the look.

AND the best part is you can either buy or hire the suit – just like I did for the Starball Sydney.

To HIRE a suit, click on this link.

To BUY a suit, click on this link.

Here are a few photos from the night so you can see the QUALITY and final look of what a Ferrari Formalwear experience can result in! Full marks!

IMG_7572 Wearing Ferrari Formalwear at Starball Sydney

    Vincenzo’s Plate and I at Starball Sydney

IMG_7575    Adriana Fernandez, Josie Gagliano and I at Starball Sydney

Let’s just say it was a fun night but most of all, I was comfortable and felt good in my suit from Ferrari Formalwear – you can too.

To read more, hire, buy or browse, go right HERE.


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