Barolo and Barbaresco always in demand

The Piemonte region of Italy produces the highest quality of food and wine, in particular Barolo and Barbaresco.

“As people are discovering Piemonte and its wonders (truffle, wines, chocolate, pasticcini, etc), the demand for Barolo and Barbaresco has increased ‘exponentially year on year,’ however these wines still remain an incredible investment,” says Robert Dessanti from the Wog with the Grog and Euroconcepts Sydney. 

Damilano wines produce predominantly red wines, but it is in Barolo that the product reaches the height of its quality. The vineyard found on the Cannubi hill is the company’s crown jewel. This vineyard has truly unmistakable characteristics.

2-1       Photo: Damilano

It is the presence of the sand and the high content of clay and limestone that conveys unique characteristics to the Nebbiolo grape bunches destined to the production of Barolo Cannubi, which has a refined and polished appearance.

These natural properties are the key to Barolo and what keeps this wine an incredible investment as it includes an exclusive quality and unique style.

Screen Shot 2019-02-25 at 10.53.34 am.pngPhoto: Damilano

Both Barolo and Barbaresco are made exclusively from Nebbiolo grapes although the demand is increasing, this top quality wine still remains exclusive – in other words you better get in while you can!

Are you keen? You can buy direct by calling Euroconcepts Sydney 1300 104 060!




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