Diet Prosecco – yes, it’s a thing

In alcohol news just in, there is a diet Prosecco.

Yes, we will let that sink in. Just like Prosecco bubbles eventually do.

In an article in the Daily Mail Online, it’s claimed that a new ‘diet’ version of Prosecco contains half the sugar of the regular Prosecco, and has 67 calories per glass – less than a banana.

The article says it’s made from grapes grown in the foothills of the Dolomites, in Italy, is 100 per cent organic and contains just 67 calories per glass. In comparison, bananas contain around 90 calories.

It doesn’t have the sweeter flavour of other legit, full strength Prosecco brands due to the makers of this brand not adding the high level of processed sugar to the sparkling wine.

Annnnd, this is where we may just lose some interest.

I mean, c’mon: life’s pleasures… good alcohol, food, life in general.

A less sweet, not as flavoursome version? Maybe not for us. We are yet to try it, though… so who knows? We do, after all, stock a premium non alcoholic range of vodka, gin, and cuvée.

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