Diferente Cocktail: Raspberry and grapefruit rosemary virgin martini

With the new batch of non alcoholic drinks just landed in Australia – the brand is called Diferente, and it’s set to take the drinks market by storm – you can imagine the fun we can have with a whole new slew of fun cocktails (I guess we should call them ‘cocktails’ but we ain’t mocking anybody with these… they are ‘the shiz’. Okay, we’ll stop with the street speak).

Can you sense our excitement – you should!

Check out this Diferente recipe below, and from here on we think we should also give you some inspo of the musical type every time we post one of these. Deal? Good. Listen:

And now, the Raspberry and grapefruit rosemary virgin martini:

60ml Diferente Crystal Clear Alpha Spirit (below)

diferente crystal clear alpha spirit

60ml freshly squeeze grapefruit juice

60ml raspberry pulp

3 sprigs of rosemary

Pinch of grated ginger


Combine all the ingredients into shaker 1/2 filled with ice

Shake until combined and double strain into a salt crusted martini glass. Garnish with a sprig of rosemary

ENJOY! Salute.

All the Diferente drinks are available exclusively through Euro Concepts. Call Robert on 1300 10 40 60.

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